Saturday, May 29, 2010

NEW! Colorful Horse Wall Plaques

If No Answer Wall Plaque 6 x 8
Richly colored images of rescued horses bring simple, inspirational messages on handmade ceramic plaques. With gently raised-in-relief horse images and lettering, each plaque is hand-painted and kiln-fired for brilliant color and durability. Choose from "Come Back Soon" (5"W x 6"H); "Welcome Friends" (5"W x 6"H); "If no answer try the barn . . ." (6"W x 8"H); "Sweet dreams" (7"W x 5"H); "Everyone Has Their Own Guardian Angel" (9"W x 4"H); "To see with our hearts, and not our eyes, is where the truth lies" (4"W x 7"H); or "Never give up" (31/4"W x 8"H). Hang a plaque where you'll see it every day, and give yourself a positive start each morning. Adapted from original artwork by Leslie Anne Webb. Keyhole hanger in back unless it is shown with a leather hanger.

Colorful Horse Wall Plaques