Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beautiful Necklace - Great Cause! Riders4Helmets Limited Edition Lexington Necklace

The Riders4Helmets© Lexington Necklace is a beautiful limited edition necklace made just for the Riders4Helmets campaign by the Laura Clark Curtis Design Studio. The Laura Clark Curtis Design Studio produces "on trend designs with an artisan feel .. high quality materials stones chose for their individual qualities." This stunning necklace features large stones a snaffle bit chain and a stone heart pendant. Fact: Wearing helmets saves lives What is the goal of the Riders4Helmets© campaign? To get more riders wearing helmets ... period What is the purpose of the Riders4Helmets© website? To educate equestrians on the basics facts of wearing a helmet; to promote a helmet wearing campaign on a National level by involving leading equestrians in various disciplines that will encourage an increased use of helmets; and to provide important links/resources to enable riders become further educated on the importance of wearing a helmet. Who is behind the campaign?: Riders4Helmets© is a joint endeavor founded by Jeri Bryant and Lyndsey White. Bryant and White founded Riders4Helmets© in early 2010 after Olympic dressage rider Courtney King Dye was seriously injured in a riding accident. Courtney who remained in a coma for a month following her accident was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. She is currently undergoing rehabilitation for brain injury. Jeri Bryant and Lyndsey White partnered to raise funds for King Dye. This evolved into a national level campaign for equestrian safety and helmet use. Riders4Helmets© has worked with Equestrian Collections to offer horse and rider Logo wear. Equestrian Collections is donating all profits on these items to Riders4Helmets© in support of their efforts to increase the use of helmets by our world-wide community of equestrians. "Ride smart and strap one on. Everyone's doing it"

Riders4Helmets Limited Edition Lexington Necklace