Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Her Majesty The Queen's Rocking Horse On Sale!

If you are looking for a truly unique equestrian heirloom to be passed down through the generations then this is the perfect choice, and they are on sale now!
This is the rocking horse presented to Her Majesty the Queen on May 12th, 2005, a replica of her prized mare Tinkerbell that Queen Elizabeth favored when galloping across the lush grounds of Windsor Great Park. Faithful to all outward details, including Tinkerbell's markings, mane, and blue, red, and gold embroidered saddle cloth that bears the EIIR cipher and crown, this heirloom-quality rocking horse is one of only 100 in existence. It is hand-carved by the world renowned Stevenson Brothers of Bethersden, England (to commemorate the completion of their 5,000th horse), whose family has made traditional rocking horses for over 60 years. The 5' long horse is mounted on a coach spring suspension system that provides bounce and extends the "stride" to more closely resemble a mare's gait, instead of simply rocking back and forth. The mane and tail are made from real English horsehair and the dapple brown and white exterior is handpainted for the finest attention to detail. Handmade from durable English oak, the rocking horse is carved to show musculature and is constructed using the Victorian method of mortise and tenon that ensures a sturdier connection between joints than the common dowel and peg style that can weaken after years of riding. The horse is tacked in brown, tanned English cowhide leather and fitted with a royal blue saddle blanket that is hand embroidered by Hand & Lock of London, the oldest heraldic embroiderers in the world. An oak safety stand supports the rocking horse and is fitted with a hallmarked brass plaque with the maker's name, date of completion, and number. Ages 4 and up. Supports up to 280 lbs. 50" H x 22" W x 60" L. (137 lbs.)

The Her Majesty The Queen's Rocking Horse.